Conference program

Ankara time (UTC+3)

First day: 13 June 2021

Under the Auspices of Bilkent University

10.00-10.15. Opening speeches

I. Session: Major site discoveries since 2009 (last PATABS III) on land and underwater

Chair: Thibaut Castelli (Université de Paris Nanterre, Paris)

10.15-10.30. Chavdar Tzochev, Constantina Kallintzi, Eurydice Kefalidou and Mercourios Georgiadis, The Amphoras of Ancient Abdera: New Data for Local Production from the APAX Survey 

10.30-10.45. Pierre Dupont, Vasilica Lungu, Chian & Mainland North-Ionian Archaic East Greek Transport Amphoras. Case study of the Orgame Heroon Specimens

10.45-11.00. Kyriakos Fragkoulis, Unexpected Finds or an Unnoticed Regularity? Black Sea Amphorae from the Excavations of the Late Antique Dion in Macedonia (Greece)

11.00-11.15. Coffee break

11.15-11.30. Dominique Kassab Tezgör and Nino Inaishvili, A Late Colchian Vessel and a Long-Lasting Pattern 

11.30-11.45. Anna Smokotina, Late Roman Amphorae from the Harbor of Panticapaion (Bosporus) 

11.45-12.00. Yana Morozova, Sergey Zelenko and Mariia Tymoshenko, On a Rare Type of Byzantine Amphorae from Two Shipwrecks off the Crimean Coast 

12.00-12.15. Sergey Ivanov, Sergey Tsarenko and Sergey Zelenko, Ceramic Production and Shipping of Amphorae in the 8th – 10th Centuries off the Coast of Tavrika (According to Underwater Archaeological Research)

12.15-12:30. Discussions 

12:30-14.00. Lunch

II. Session: Trade in the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Western Countries
1st part: Greece

Chair: Chavdar Tzochev (Athens)

14.00-14.15. Kostas Filis, Early Economic Aspects in Thermaic Gulf. The Evidence from Transport Amphorae

14.15-14.30. Margarit Damyanov, Fifth Century BC Amphorae from a Site in the Chora of Apollonia Pontica


14.30-14.45. Mark Lawall, Sorting the ‘Samians’ of the 6th and 5th centuries B.C.

14.45-15.00. Discussion

15.00-15.15. Coffee break


II. Session: Trade in the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Western Countries
2nd part: Greece

Chair: Mark Lawall (University of Manitoba)

15.15-15.30. Sergey Monakhov and Elena Kuznetsova, «Mendean» Amphorae from the Prikubanskiy Burial Ground

15.30-15.45. Thibaut Castelli, Akanthian Importations in Istros

15.45-16.00. Vasilica Lungu, Naspercene Wine and Sinopean Amphorae at the Ptolemaic Court

16.00-16.15. Hakan Öniz, Black Sea Amphorae at the Coast of the Mediterranean

16.15-16:30. Discussions and closure of the first day


Second day: 14 June 2021

Under the Auspices of the Institute for South-Eastern European Studies of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest

II. Session: Trade in the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Western Countries
3nd part: Roman Period

Chair: Yana Morozova (Center for underwater Archaeology and Archaeological Research, National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv)

10.00-10.15. Horacio González Cesteros, Ephesos and the Black Sea. A First Overview about the Roman and Late Antique Black Sea Amphorae Found at Ephesos

10.15-10.30. Denis Masyuta, Amphora Import of Tyras in the 1st Century AD

10.30-10.45. Merab Khalvashi and Nino Inaishvili, New Discoveries of the Roman and Early Byzantine Amphoras from Eastern Black Sea Littoral 

10.45-11.00. Dorel Paraschiv and Ștefan Honcu, Roman and Roman-Byzantine Amphorae Discovered at Halmyris, Tulcea County 

11.00-11.15. Discussion

11.15-11.30. Coffee Break

II. Session: Trade in the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Western Countries
4th part: Roman Period

Chair: Horacio González Cesteros (Austrian Archaeological Institute, Vienna)

11.30-11.45. Elena Klenina and Andrzej B. Biernacki, Economic Transformations in Novae (Moesia Secunda) in the Late Antiquity 

11.45-12.00. Philip Bes, Further Observations on Roman-Period Pontic/Sinopean Amphorae in the Eastern Mediterranean 

12.00-12.15. Asena Kızılarslanoğlu, Trade of Sinope Amphorae in Cilicia

12.15-12.30. Constantin Băjenaru, Two Types, Same Fabric: Imitation of LRA 1 (similis) and Globular Amphora Antonova 9. Finds from the Black Sea and the Aegean 

12.30-12.45. Discussions

12.45-14.30. Lunch break

III. Session: Contents, Metrology and Standardization

Chair: Andrzej B. Biernacki (Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of History Poznan 

14.30-14.45. Max Fiederling, There and Back Again. The Wreck Portiței A. Interdisciplinary Research on a Roman Merchant Ship and Empties Transporter off the Black Sea Coast of Romania

14.45-15.00. Andrei Opaiţ, A Heraclean carrot amphora?

15.00-15.15. Discussion

15.15-15.30. Coffee break

IV. Session: Clay Analysis

Chair: Hakan Öniz (Akdeniz University, Antalya)

15:30-15:45. Diana Dobreva and Claudio Capelli, Archaeology and Archaeometry of a Group of North African Amphorae from the Black Sea and Lower Danube Areas

15:45-16.00. Sabine Huy, Neutron Activation Analysis of Archaic Transport Amphorae from Taganrog. Some new insights into production centres in northern Ionia

16.00-16.15. Discussions and closure of the second day 


Third day: 15 June 2021

Under the Auspices of Niko Berdzenishvili Institute of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Department of Archaeology and History

V. Session: Epigraphy
1st part

Chair: Kostas Filis (Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia, Patras)

10.00-10.15 Jelena Bolonkina, Nikolai Jefremow and Andrey Kolesnikov, Rare and New Amphora Stamps from the Area of ​​the Bosporan Empire

10.15-10.30. Nino Dzneladze, The Amphorae Graffiti from the Eastern Black Sea Littoral (Colchis).

10.30-10.45. Kalin Madzharov and Anelia Bozkova, Amphora Stamps from a Pit Field at Malenovo, Southeastern Bulgaria

10.45-11.00. Alexandru Avram, The Rhodian Amphora Stamps in Istros: A Quantitative Approach

11.00-11.15. Discussion

11.15-11.30. Coffee break

VI. Session: Epigraphy
2nd part

Chair: Nikolai Jefremow (Universität Greifswald)

11.30-11.45. Livia Buzoianu, Irina Sodoleanu, and Nicolae Alexandru, New Amphorae and Amphora Stamps from Albeşti (Constanţa county)

11.45-12.00. George Nuţu, A Group of Stamped Narrow Neck Light-Clay Amphorae from Portița Inlet off North Romanian Coastline

12.00- 12.15. Dragoș Hălmagi, Dipinti and Graffiti on Late Roman amphorae from Dinogetia

12.15-12.30. Discussions

12.30-14.30. Lunch

VII. “Free Session”

Chairs: Dominique Kassab Tezgör, Nino Inaishvili, Vasilica Lungu


“Free session” for discussing and sharing any unsolved questions encountered during our sessions (could be related to identification, type, chronology, provenance…), in order to have some feedback from peers


Proposals for the PATABS V edition 

16.00. Closure of the PATABS IV edition