Black Sea Amphorae at the Coast of the Mediterranean (Mersin and Antalya)

Hakan Öniz

Underwater archaeology research projects have been carried out since 2000 at the coast of Antalya and since 2015 at the coast of Mersin. 287 shipwrecks such as Kumluca Bronze Age copper ingot wreck which is dated to 16th-15th Century BC or wrecks of Ottoman trade ships have been found during these underwater survey projects. These wrecks and many other archaeological remains include Bronze Age stone anchors, Iron Age stone stocks of wooden anchors and later periods’ iron anchors also found during the survey. All these remains show that this part of the Mediterranean was very active since the Bronze Age in the frame of international trade. Mentioned wrecks loaded with amphorae from different periods are dated 7th Century BC to the 12th Century AD. 44 of these wrecks are Late Roman Cilicia Type 6B (LR1B) and 8 of them are Cilicia Type 6A (LR1A) which were also seen in many different regions of the Black Sea. In this symposium, Black Sea amphorae such as possible Sinope productions that have been found during the research projects will be presented.

Jelena Bolonkina, Nikolai Jefremow, Andrey Kolesnikov

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