On a Rare Type of Byzantine Amphorae from Two Shipwrecks off the Crimean Coast

Yana Morozova, Maria Tymoshenko, Sergey Zelenko

In the Foros and Novy Svet waters, off the Crimean south coast, underwater archaeologists found and investigated two shipwrecks of the Byzantine period. This communication is devoted to one specific and rare type of amphorae found in the shipwrecks’ amphorae assemblage, namely to the vessels classified by N. Gunsenin as the intermediate type I-III. It is rarely found at Byzantine archaeological sites, including underwater ones in the Mediterranean and Black seas basin. The specific feature of two shipwrecks in question is that the Günsenin I-III amphorae has been found in assemblage with Günsenin IV and XXII ones in the closed deposit of the shipwreck context. In the presentation the questions about dating, provenance and typological classification will be discussed.

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