«Mendean» Amphorae from the Prikubanskiy Burial Ground

Sergey Monakhov, Elena Kuznetsova

In 1999-2001, large-scale research of the Maeotian necropolis “Prikubanskiy” near the city of Krasnodar was conducted. The material covers the period from the turn of the 5-4th centuries BC to the beginning of the 3rd century BC. As a result of the excavations, almost 350 amphorae of different production centers were found. More than 70 of them are referred to the Mendean production. It is important that in some cases, Mendean containers were discovered together with stamped Heraclean or Thasian jars, as well as with black-glazed pottery wares. Providing narrowly dated complexes, it enables to monitor the changes in forms of the Mendean amphorae over the first three quarters of the 4th century BC. The problem of the localization of the different groups of containers (the possibility of production are Mende, Akanthos, Kos, etc.) is beyond the scope of the report.

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