Amphora import of Tyras in the 1st century AD

Denis Masyuta

Tyras located at the intersection of trade routes connecting it with Lower Dniester barbaric tribes, ancient centers and Roman provincial cities. At the turn of the 1st century AD this city established trade relations with Heraclea Pontica, and as a result Tyras have begun to receive wine, first in amphorae of variant Vnukov S Ia and type S II, and later in variants S Ib and S IVA. In the first half of the 1st century AD an Italian wine was imported in a small scale in Dressel 6А amphorae.

During this century trade and economic relations have been maintained with the Eastern Mediterranean production centers, from where the olive oil was imported (Dressel 24) and the wine (Camulodunum 184). At this time trade contacts was sporadic. In the last third of the 1st century AD, after inclusion of Tyras in the sphere of influence of the Roman Empire, their intensity increased.

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