Amphora Stamps from a Pit Field at Malenovo, Southeastern Bulgaria

Kalin Madzharov, Anelia Bozkova

This paper presents a small collection of about 30 amphora stamps from the first half of the 4th century BC discovered during the excavations of a pit field at Malenovo, Yambol Region in Southeastern Bulgaria. Most of the stamps are englyphic, of the type traditionally assumed to have been placed on amphorae fabricated in Heraclea. The site on which the stamps were found is located only some 45 km from the synchronous site Kostadin cheshma at Debelt. near the Black Sea coast, where ca. 1500 amphora stamps came to light. Many of the stamps from Malenovo have exact parallels at Debelt which is a clear indication about the route which merchants used to transport amphoras to the interior of Thrace. The Malenovo group is chronologically homogeneous and thus permits also a discussion of some problems pertaining to the dating of englyphic stamps.

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