Ceramic Production and Shipping of Amphorae in the 8th-10th Centuries off the coast of Tavrika (According to Underwater Archaeological Research)

S. Ivanov, S. Tsarenko, S. Zelenko

In the 8th-10th centuries in the medieval Tavrika (Crimean Peninsula) the high level of growth viticulture and winemaking pushed up the production of local amphora wine containers. These vessels are called a North Pontic Amphora or “Prychornomoskaya” amphora. The kilns for their production are localized, and the large ceramic centers such as Choban-Kule and Kanak Balka have been excavated by archaeologists.

In the last ten years, underwater archaeologists have found and examined row of shipwrecks of the 8th-10th centuries in the water areas of the medieval ports, where North Pontic Amphoras type were found. The analysis of the archaeological material gives a clue to clarify the chronological framework of the existence amphoras local and imported production in this period, the size of ships and their trade routes.

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