Dipinti and graffiti on late Roman amphorae from Dinogetia

Dragoș Hălmagi

Dinogetia was a fortification in the north-western part of the late Roman province Scythia Minor, on a former islet of the Danube. Systematic excavations unearthed a rich collection of objects, including large amounts of pottery of Roman and medieval date, which were selectively published by Gheorghe Ștefan and Ion Barnea. The present contribution introduces a selection of dipinti and graffiti on late Roman amphora fragments, both published and unpublished, with epigraphic commentary and interpretation. Many inscriptions have only a few letters and are harder to read. Those which are legible reveal information about capacities and contents, but also names, Christian invocations, and texts which do not fall in one of the previous categories, including an ostracon in Greek and a short graffito in Gothic runes.

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