Fifth century BC amphorae from a site in the chora of Apollonia Pontica

Margarit Damyanov

Since 2011, archaeological investigations have been carried out by a Bulgarian-French team at a site at some 3 km from the ancient Apollonia Pontica. The site in Mesarite locality emerged as a complex of buildings along a road at some point in the first half of the 5th c. BC and remained in use until the late 4th c., when the buildings were abandoned and replaced by an Early Hellenistic necropolis.

The paper aims to present the amphora imports from the early period of the site in an attempt to shed light on the chronology of its foundation. The finds from the period include amphorae from Chios, Milet-Samos, Thasos and other North Aegean centres, etc.

Jelena Bolonkina, Nikolai Jefremow, Andrey Kolesnikov

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